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Uzbekistan and Bangladesh intensify cooperation in the energy sector

A delegation of the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan paid a working visit to Bangladesh in order to discuss the possibility of developing mutually beneficial relations in the oil and gas sector.

According to the Ministry of Energy, negotiations were held at the PetroBangla National Oil and Gas Company of Bangladesh. During the meeting, the chairman of the company, Nazmul Ahsan, voiced his interest in new technologies and the exchange of experience in drilling wells, in particular, those used in difficult geological conditions with a high content of hydrogen sulfide at the Uzbek M-25 field.

In addition, in Dhaka, the delegation held talks with Bangladesh Energy Minister Nazrulo Hamid and industry experts. The Uzbek delegation also included members of the management of large companies in the oil and gas industry and the construction industry “ERIELL Group” and “Enter Engineering”. Over the past 10 years, ERIELL Group has been providing oil and gas services in a number of fields in Bangladesh. Minister of Energy Nazrul Hamidom praised the company’s work in drilling and testing 17 exploratory wells, which gave mostly positive results with indications of industrial natural gas inflow of 600-700 thousand cubic meters per day. It was noted that the specialists of Uzbekistan have extensive experience in the petrochemical and hydrocarbon sectors.

Cooperation between the two countries also has great potential in the construction of gas pipelines and in the renewable energy sector.

Taking into account the existing positive experience of joint work, the possibilities of drilling exploratory wells up to 5500-6000 meters deep in various fields were discussed, which had not previously been performed due to the lack of the necessary drilling rigs and blowout prevention equipment.

Energy Minister Nasrul Hamid spoke positively about cooperation in the energy sector, noting that Bangladesh can use the experience of Uzbekistan in the hydrocarbon sector, including in upgrading the skills of Bangladeshi engineers. He also accepted an invitation to visit Uzbekistan for a detailed study of the plans for further cooperation.


Source: dunyo.info