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Knauf Company

Knauf Gips KG is an international innovative production company. Headquartered in Iphofen, Northern Bavaria (Germany).

Knauf was founded by the brothers Alfons and Karl Knauf in 1932 in Germany.

In 1949, in northern Bavaria, a plant for production of gypsum building mixtures was established. In 1958 – the first plant for production of gypsum plasterboards was launched. In 1970, Knauf acquired a stock of Deutsche Perlite GmbH (Dortmund), which at the time was producing cement-based dry mixes. Diversifying its business, Knauf acquired plant for production of insulating materials of glass fibers in Shelbyville (United States).

In 1993, Knauf began investing in Russia, then enterprises were acquired and established in Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. The company is also engaged in charity activities.

Uzbekistan is the leading industrial state in Central Asia and one of the most densely populated countries in the CIS, where the construction and production of building materials are among the priority spheres of economic development.

Uzbekistan is an attractive market for foreign investors. As the main factors determining the country’s attractiveness for Knauf, political stability, favorable geographical location in the heart of Central Asia, which creates good conditions for development of mutually beneficial regional cooperation. Another factor is the presence of stable and high-quality raw material base – gypsum deposits with a high calcium content.

Foreign investors are granted privileges and preferences, which include exemption from property and income taxes, customs duties on the import of materials and equipment.

An additional factor is also the boom of construction industry. It is also important that the dynamics of the rapid growth of capital construction in Uzbekistan and neighboring countries will be maintained over the long term.

A year after the launch of the drywall plant, Knauf became the leading manufacturer and supplier of this building material in Uzbekistan. Moreover, today over 30% of products are exported to the countries of Central Asia, including Afghanistan.

The official opening of Knauf plasterboard factory took place on September 22, 2011. The capacity of the plant allows annually to produce 20 million square meters of high-quality drywall.

Quality, efficiency and environmental friendliness form the basis of Knauf’s strategy in achieving competitiveness, maintaining and increasing market share.

On May 16, 2018, the official opening of the Knauf production line — sheets after a large-scale reconstruction at the Knauf enterprise of the GIPS Bukhara took place in Bukhara Region.