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Nobel Ilac Company

Established in 1964, Nobel Ilac is the flagship subsidiary of Ulkar Holding, a leading group of vertically integrated pharmaceutical companies headquartered in Istanbul.

Activity of this holding and the company’s experience cover a wide range of areas, including research and development, the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), production of pharmaceutical dosage forms, as well as sales and marketing. Nobel Ilac aims to develop and manufacture high-quality pharmaceutical products, continuing its journey as a global player.

Thanks to the wide network of international trade and marketing, Nobel is the leading brand in twenty countries located mainly in the countries of Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Established by the company in 2000, the enterprise in Uzbekistan today is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical products. FE “Nobel Pharmsanoat” has 250 professional experts. The encouraging realities of today and the bright prospects for future of Uzbekistan strengthen the company’s commitment to work and further investment. Nobel highly appreciates the far-sighted export-oriented strategy of the Government, which has allowed Uzbekistan to turn into a regional investment hub.