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Experts told how the geography of Uzbekistan’s exports has changed over the past 5 years

Specialists of the Institute for Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research (IPMI) analyzed changes in the geography and nomenclature of Uzbekistan’s exports for 2017-2022.

According to the results of the analysis, it was established that in recent years, an increase in the number of countries to which Uzbekistan supplies products has been achieved, as well as an expansion of the product range of exports. 

According to their data, in 2017-2022, the geography of exports expanded by 16 countries, and now Uzbekistan’s products are exported to 117 countries worldwide. In particular, domestic products began to be supplied to Peru (3,965.9 thousand US dollars), Albania (3,196.3 thousand US dollars), North Macedonia (1,454.7 thousand US dollars), Senegal (311.7 thousand dollars) and Mauritius (303.1 thousand dollars). In 2017, there were 179 items in the export commodity nomenclature, and in 2022 their number exceeded 200. 

The export of cotton fibre has completely stopped, and the domestically processed fibre is now supplied to foreign markets as higher value-added products. So, in 2021, cotton yarn was exported for a total of 1,613.5 million US dollars, finished knitwear and garments – for 644.9 million US dollars, printed fabrics – for 242.8 million US dollars, gauze fabrics – by 131.6 million US dollars, silk and silk products – by 78.1 million US dollars and carpets – by 42.1 million US dollars. 

In addition, Uzbekistan is increasing the export of household appliances. In recent years, the following have been exported to foreign countries: 

  • vacuum cleaners – to Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan; 
  • washing machines – to Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, and Turkey; 
  • gas stoves – to Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Armenia; 
  • TVs – to Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan.


Source: kun.uz