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Euro-Asian Construction Corporation EVRASCON (Azerbaijan)

Euro-Asian Construction Corporation EVRASCON was established in 1968 in the city of Baku under the Ministry of Transport Construction of the USSR and began its activities as Mostootryad-100. As a result of the conducted reorganization, in 2001 the company received the status of a joint stock company and the name Azerkorpu OJSC.

Due to high quality of work and willingness to take on the most complex projects, the organization has proven itself in various countries, which was the main reason for changing the name to a more universal one. In 2013, a rebranding was carried out, as a result of which the company changed its name to the Euro-Asian Construction Corporation EVRASCON.

The Corporation is specialized in construction of bridges, highways, tunnels, hydraulic engineering and reclamation facilities, energy facilities, ports, major projects in the oil industry, industrial civil engineering, production of pile foundations and deep foundations, in production and installation of metal structures.

EVRASCON Corporation offers high quality of implemented work, the world’s best construction equipment, the latest achievements in the field of construction, and qualified multidisciplinary personnel.

Today, when Azerbaijan resembles a giant construction site, the EVRASCON Corporation, which has a multidisciplinary qualification, is one of the largest companies directly involved in large-scale construction activities in the country.

In 2007, EVRASCON Corporation built a bridge using a prestressed reinforced concrete span for the first time in Azerbaijan, and in 2009 the highest bridge in the country, the supports of which is 34 m high (built of prestressed reinforced concrete).

As one of the multidisciplinary companies in Azerbaijan, the Corporation carries out a number of important projects in various sectors of the economy, contributing to the rapid development of the country. In addition, the company is actively involved in construction and installation work abroad. Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Turkey are among these countries. Branches of the company are located in countries such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

The Corporation participates in implementation of projects financed by major international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Asian Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and others.

The corporation employs more than 5,800 people in Azerbaijan and 2,000 abroad. These highly qualified specialists of various profiles are involved in most responsible construction and installation work.

In addition, the company regularly conducts active work on training young personnel. EVRASCON Corporation is a worthy competitor to leading foreign companies due to the high quality of work and innovative solutions.


Corporation’s activity in the Republic of Uzbekistan:

EVRASCON Corporation has implemented a number of projects related to construction of core network of transport routes and hydraulic structures in Uzbekistan.

  • In 2014-2016, “Reconstruction of 40 km highway “Guzar – Bukhara – Nukus – Beyneu” project in the section of 315-355 km was successfully implemented.

The total amount of the project is 117.0 million USD.

The project initiator (customer) is the Republican Road Fund.

EVRASCON Corporation carried out construction and installation work worth 66.57 million USD.

The completion of the project ensured an increase in international transit traffic, created conditions for safe movement of goods and passengers in Bukhara – Nukus – Beyneu direction and back. Travel time has been reduced by almost three times.

The project has contributed to development of roadside infrastructure, tourism potential and entrepreneurship. Environmental conditions have been improved.

  • Since 2016, EVRASCON, as a general contractor, has been participating in implementation of the project “Reconstruction of 58 km A-373 Tashkent – Osh highway in 116-190 km section passing through Kamchik Pass.

The total amount of the project is 211.2 million USD.

The project initiator (customer) is the Republican Road Fund.

A contract for construction and installation works was signed between the Customer and EVRASCON.

To date, all the planned activities on laying cement concrete canvases has been completed, and by the end of 2018, road infrastructure activities will be completed.



Euro-Asian Construction Corporation EVRASCON OJSC

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