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What are the results of the Regional Industrial Fair in Karshi?

The electronic cooperation portal under the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in cooperation with the khokimiyat of the Kashkadarya region, in the city of Karshi, organized the “Regional Intersectoral Industrial Fair”.

The event was attended by large enterprises specializing in the production of products for the oil and gas, electric power, chemical, textile, leather and footwear, and other industries.

The fair was attended by 187 representatives of large industrial enterprises and 616 business entities from different regions of the republic with 1,578 types of products. As part of the event, 459 cooperation agreements were concluded through the Electronic Cooperation Portal for more than 768.9 billion soums. In addition, 269 ​​memorandums of technical cooperation were signed to further develop the currently imported products.

The main focus of the fair was on supporting local producers, developing cooperation ties in the industry, studying the types of products produced by local enterprises, including small businesses and private entrepreneurship, as well as establishing industrial cooperation and building a portfolio of orders (signing contracts and memorandums) to expand the scope of work. in future.

At the event, presentations were organized on the products offered for import substitution on the basis of industrial cooperation, their annual demand, technical requirements and indicators.

Moreover, small businesses and private entrepreneurship were provided with practical assistance in providing legal, methodological and advisory services for the implementation of financing instruments for localization projects, as well as in the implementation of activities taking into account the standardization and certification of products.

As a result of familiarization with the potential of local production, agreements were reached on the localization of new types of products on the basis of cooperation with large industrial and regional enterprises.

The participants noted that the wide involvement of domestic industrial enterprises in public procurement at the early stages of development serves as a tool for forming a portfolio of orders for domestic manufacturers and ensuring the continuity of production.

Equal opportunity in the local market lays the foundation for the establishment of economic entities producing goods that are able to compete with imported products by promoting healthy competition.

At a later stage in the development of this process, with the help of local exporting enterprises with high production potential in the world market, the widespread distribution of the Made in Uzbekistan brand will positively affect the country’s image.

As part of the event, EKP specialists at MIFT provided practical assistance in the process of conducting negotiations in the B2B format and concluding cooperation agreements on the development of imported and presented samples by business entities.

It is worth noting that the sharp decline in global production as a result of the pandemic has led to a slowdown in economic growth in all countries. In this difficult period, the most important factor in achieving economic stability is the comprehensive support of domestic industrial enterprises. In this regard, the role of the work carried out by the Electronic Cooperation Portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan is of particular importance. In particular, through the introduction of innovative technologies in the field of e-commerce, the portal has created opportunities for manufacturers to demonstrate online their products, remotely conclude contracts between a customer and a supplier, as well as to conduct operational financial transactions.

Events of this nature will undoubtedly continue to promote the development of cooperation ties between regions, industrial enterprises, and small businesses and will serve as a solid foundation for business in the future.

To date, the portal covers 74,585 enterprises, and the number of products sold has reached 184,258. During 10 months of this year, 34,158 agreements on mutual cooperation were concluded for a total of 7,264.7 billion soums.