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Сancelling the quantitative rate of duty-free import of goods is proposed

For goods that are not household, kitchen and computer equipment, it is proposed to cancel the restriction on duty-free import in time and quantity (restrictions on the total amount of import remain). The goal is to provide the population with socially significant goods in the face of food shortages in the world.

The Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan proposed to abolish the quantitative norm for duty-free importation of a number of goods imported by individuals through road (pedestrian), railway and river border checkpoints.

We are talking about tableware, as well as goods that are not household, kitchen and computer equipment (except for alcoholic products, including beer, tobacco products, perfumes and toilet water and jewellery).

The proposal is substantiated by the goals of “providing the population in the conditions of a shortage of food products in the world with socially significant goods, preventing an increase in prices for food products in the domestic market and creating conditions for citizens of the country to import products for personal needs.”

Now there is a restriction on the import of one set of tableware for six months, for other goods – 2 kg of each item (with the exception of indivisible goods), but not more than 10 kg of total weight during the month.

In the explanatory note to the draft government decree, the MIFT notes that now the listed goods are subject to both quantitative and value import norms.

Due to the presence of quantitative restrictions, individuals cannot pass through the “green” customs corridor with such products but are forced to go through the “red” one.

“In foreign countries, there are no restrictions on the number of goods transported through border posts, only the total value of goods is limited,” the document says.

At the same time, restrictions on the import of household and computer equipment in the form of one unit every six months remain in force.

A quantitative restriction on the duty-free import of a number of goods, including refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other household appliances, as well as computer equipment (one unit per month) was introduced in July 2018. Already in October of that year, this period was extended to six months. When importing all these goods in excess of the established norm and/or frequency, customs payments are levied.

Since February of the same year, there has been a restriction on the total amount of passes imported through road (pedestrian) passes – $ 300 (through railway and river points – $ 1,000, international airports – $ 2,000).


Source: www.gazeta.uz