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A solemn ceremony of launching the only line for heat treatment of metal in Central Asia was held in Fergana

At the Uzsungwoo joint venture in the Fergana region, the only shop in Central Asia for heat treatment of metal with a design cost of $10 million was put into operation.

The opening ceremony was attended by the leadership of the regional department of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade.

The workshop is fully automated, works on the basis of the latest technologies and is equipped with equipment for cutting, hot pressing and laser cutting of metal from such leading manufacturers as Schuler, Prima Power, Benteler, Aotto.

As a result of the launch of the new line, 120 new jobs were created, and the annual production of the enterprise will reach 95 million dollars. The capacity of the cast iron processing line itself is 2.4 million items worth more than $19 million per year.

The new technological process will also make it possible to localize 20 types of components for Tracker and Onix cars produced in our country.

For reference: since its establishment in 2012, Uzsungwoo LLC JV has invested about $60 million in the region. The enterprise, which has a strong position in the automotive industry of Uzbekistan, has been producing more than 300 items of stamped and welded parts for large and medium-sized cars for 10 years. 900 specialists are provided with jobs here.


Source: mift.uz