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To the Investment Promotion Agency under the Ministry of investment, industry and trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Chief Specialist of analytical data formation Department

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  1. Higher education – (Bachelor’s, master’s degree in the relevant direction);
  2. Seniority-at least 3-5 years in the relevant fields and state budget tasks;
  3. Knowledge of a foreign language: Uzbek-free, Russian – free, English – IELTS 6.0 no less

Basic qualification requirements for candidates:

– Experience in detailed analysis of economic sectors;

– To have an education on laws and regulatory documents related to entrepreneurship and investment activities;

– Have the ability to analyze and have the skills to make a presentation;

– Having a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in economics, finance and jurisprudence or other related fields (diplomas of Uzbek or foreign higher education institutions);

– Economic and financial analysis, development and examination of regulatory legal documents. Conducting activities carried out within the framework of its activities;

– Monitoring and systematic coordination of work carried out;

– Experience in working in international organizations and analysis centers is encouraged;

– Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Power Point, etc.);

Main tasks:

* Provide detailed network and Industry Analysis;

* Development of proposals to improve the investment environment and business conditions in the Republic;

  • To work with information on all types of taxes and the application of documents in the law;
  • To prepare analytical information on issues of interest to potential investors and their enslavement;
  • To paraphrase the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and implement the rules in a form understandable to foreign investors (infographics, step-by-step instructions, presentation and etc.).
  • On the basis of analysis in general problems to make it more systematic and generate new offers to develop of proposals.

Contact information:

– uzipa@invest.gov.uz E-address;

– (71) 202-02-11 Department of Human Resource Development and management.