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Uzbekistan rises in the Index of Economic Freedom

Experts of the Heritage Foundation research institute have published the Index of Economic Freedom 2021. Uzbekistan is on the 108th line in it, having risen by 6 positions compared to last year.

The average score, calculated on 12 indicators, was 58.3% – an increase of 1.1 points, primarily due to an increase in the efficiency of the judicial system.

“This year, the Uzbek economy has remained largely unfree. However, in 2020, the government announced a new development strategy that includes reforms in various areas. If this is successful, Uzbekistan will be able to join the ranks of moderately free economies, ”analysts say.

Analysts point out what needs to be worked on. For example, the judiciary – although the situation has improved here, government interference and corruption are common, and bribery is widespread.

Another area that requires reforms is international trade – analysts note that tariff and non-tariff barriers greatly inhibit development, the country is not a member of the WTO.

Indicators for freedom of investment and financial independence are among the lowest among all countries (20 points). At the same time, the tax burden indicators are one of the best in the rating – 92.4 points.

Other countries

The first place is still taken by Singapore, the second by New Zealand, and the third by Australia. Switzerland and Ireland follow. The economy in these five countries is considered freedom.

The second group includes countries with a predominantly free economy. Among them, for example, Kazakhstan (34th place).

In the third group are countries with a moderately free economy. These are Kyrgyzstan (78th place), Russia (92nd place) and others.

In the fourth group, Uzbekistan, Ukraine (127th place), Tajikistan (134th place) and other countries with a predominantly unfree economy.

The fifth country with a non-free economy is Turkmenistan (167th place) and others.