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Uzbekistan accedes to the Convention on temporary importation

The President signed a decree dated April 24, 2020 No. PD-4694.

 Uzbekistan accedes to the Convention on Temporary Importation (Istanbul, June 26, 1990) and accepts its following annexes:

Appendix A. “On Temporary Import Documents (A.T.A carnets and C.P.D carnets)”;

Annex B.1 “On goods for display or use at exhibitions, fairs, meetings, or similar events”;

Annex B.2 “On Professional Equipment”;

Annex B.3 “On containers, pallets, packings, samples and other goods imported in connection with a commercial operation”;

Annex B.5 “On goods imported for educational, scientific or cultural purposes”;

Annex B.6, “An annex concerning the travelers’ personal effects and goods imported for sports purposes”.

The Convention regulates the importation into the customs territory of certain goods and vehicles with conditionally relieved from payment of importation duties and taxes and without the application of prohibitions or restrictions on imports of an economic nature.

 The responsible authority from the Uzbek side is the State Customs Committee. The Office must approve the regulation on the application of the Convention within 2 months. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan will issue documents on temporary importation and act as a guarantor of customs payments in case of violation of the conditions of temporary import.