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Uzbek entrepreneurs participate in a training on the widespread use of cross-border online trading platforms

With the assistance of the Embassy of Uzbekistan, the China Association for Trade and Services and the Institute for Regional Economic Cooperation of Central Asia, representatives of Uzbek export enterprises and organizations are participating in an international training on the topic “Cross-border e-commerce”.

More than a thousand participants from about 100 countries of the world, including 30 Uzbek entrepreneurs, take part in the trainings, held every Saturday from March 2 to July 19 of this year.

During the trainings, representatives, specialists and experts of the world’s leading companies in the field of online commerce will introduce participants to the latest news in the modern globalized world of e-commerce, related opportunities and specific factors, as well as knowledge and skills in using e-commerce platforms and resolving emerging conflicts.

On May 7, an official event dedicated to these trainings took place. It was attended by representatives of the State Council of China, the Asian Development Bank, such large e-commerce companies as ebay and Amazon.

Representatives of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in China informed the participants of the event about the ongoing reforms in our country in the trade and economic direction, their current positive results, as well as the conditions for supporting entrepreneurship created for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.

The participants were introduced to a wide range of activities carried out for the development of e-commerce in Uzbekistan.

At the end of the event, it was noted that the organization of such trainings and training courses contributes to providing comprehensive support to young entrepreneurs in this industry, as well as creating opportunities for extensive trade between countries through electronic platforms in the future.


Source: dunyo.info