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Measures to increase the industrial potential of the country discussed

On January 4 this year, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Investments, Industry and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the format of videoconferencing chaired by the Minister of Investments, Industry and Trade Laziz Kudratov to discuss the integrated development of industry, the implementation of new investment projects and the expansion of production capacities in the regions of the country.

The meeting was attended by heads and employees of the Ministry, heads of industry associations, commercial banks, and local authorities.

During the meeting, attention was focused on the importance of an integrated approach to the implementation of industrial policy in the country, which includes the formation of a modern regulatory framework, the development of a Strategy for the industrial development of the country, the adoption of prompt measures to accelerate the expansion of existing and the introduction of new production capacities, the creation of a system of high-quality training and professional development of personnel.

Working groups have been formed, tasked with conducting a study and developing proposals for increasing production volumes and expanding the production capacities of over 1,300 operating enterprises with field visits.

The working groups were also instructed to study the possibility of implementing over 1,100 new investment projects in various industries with the involvement of interested local entrepreneurs. In addition, a study of about 2,000 investment projects will be carried out to identify the problems that entrepreneurs face in their activities, including issues related to the supply and installation of modern equipment.

Further measures for free economic development, small industrial and youth industrial and business zones were considered separately. Representatives of the Ministry assigned to the regions were instructed to conduct a detailed study of the current activities of the zones, including connection to utilities, efficient use of land, and inclusion of objects in the chains of formation of finished products with high added value. MIPT representatives were also instructed to analyze and develop specific action plans to implement 68 new large industrial projects in the regions.

Based on the results of the activities of the Working Groups of the Ministry in the regions, a Program will be prepared, which includes measures for the accelerated development of the industry for 2023.

A separate area is the development of draft Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Industry”, and “Strategies for the Development of Industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan”, as well as the creation of schools for the training of engineers at large manufacturing enterprises in various industries, where specialists can receive both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

As a result of the meeting, the representatives of the Working Groups were given additional instructions to ensure the effective implementation of the tasks set.



Source: mift.uz