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Measures to further stimulate the socio-economic development of the Surkhandarya region were considered

In Termez, under the leadership of the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan S. Umurzakov, a meeting was held with the participation of heads of ministries, departments, industry associations, commercial banks and local authorities of the Surkhandarya region, as well as the city of Termez and all districts.

During the meeting, measures were considered to further stimulate investment, industrial and export activities, develop entrepreneurship and ensure employment in the region. The heads of local authorities reported on the current investment and export figures, provided information on ongoing projects, and also talked about plans for further work.

In particular, according to the Regional Investment Program, in 2022 it is planned to introduce 762 projects in the Surkhandarya region for a total of $672 million. Within the framework of these projects, 14,795 jobs will be created. Thanks to the organization of new production sites and the adoption of targeted measures to support exporters, by the end of the year, export indicators in the region should exceed $400 million.

The progress of work on building up the industrial potential of the region by reviving enterprises that have suspended production or are not operating at full capacity was discussed. The heads of the relevant ministries and departments were tasked with speeding up the resolution of existing issues, as well as regularly monitoring the activities of industrial production in the region.

It was instructed to actively engage the “project groups” created in the region in order to develop new high-margin projects that correspond to the industrial potential of each individual region, ensure constant monitoring of their practical implementation and provide support to their initiators. At the same time, the importance of focusing on the localization of the production of products with high added value, which is in high demand in the domestic and foreign markets, was noted.

The progress in fulfilling the instructions of the Head of State given during his visit to the region in June 2021, as well as the instructions of the Government Commission on Foreign Trade, Investments, Development of Local Industry and Technical Regulation was also studied.

As a result of the meeting, the responsible heads of ministries and departments, as well as local authorities, were given targeted instructions with the designation of specific deadlines for their implementation on the issues discussed.


Source: mift.uz