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Jim Rogers targets Uzbekistan

The Wall Street legend is eyeing hotels, airlines, metals, and other sectors.  

The head of Rogers Holdings, Jim Rogers set his sights on Uzbekistan, writes Forbes.     

“I am a big fan of the new Uzbekistan, although it is still almost unknown in the West. There used to be a dictatorship in the country, but the new government seems to know what it is doing. What they have achieved over the past few years is commendable, ”says Rogers.       

He notes that the economy has finally opened up and international investors will surely take advantage of the new opportunities.  

“I will be closely monitoring their announced plans for privatization and IPOs,” Rogers said.     

The American investor is primarily interested in energy, metals, and agriculture, but in Uzbekistan, he is ready to go further:     

“I am especially interested in their tourism potential. When their airlines are finally privatized, I will definitely think about it. Uzbekistan Airways is an interesting investment case, ”says Rogers.     

He also expressed interest in hotels, as Uzbekistan occupies an important place in China’s Belt and Road Initiative.   

“There are some very attractive tourist destinations there. Uzbek airlines is an interesting investment case. I’m looking.” summed up the head of Rogers Holdings.   


Jim Rogers is one of the most famous investors in the world. In the 1970s, he, along with George Soros, founded the Quantum Fund, which brought in 4200% earnings to investors in ten years. Despite this, in 1980, Rogers left Wall Street and became interested in travel. Since 2014, Rogers has been actively investing in Russian assets – in particular, the Moscow Exchange, PhosAgro and Aeroflot.