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By the end of the year, the French Total Eren SA will have commissioned a photovoltaic station in the Samarkand region

In February, at the solar photovoltaic station (FES) being built in the Nurabad district of the Samarkand region, the construction of power lines and fencing of the project area is planned to be completed.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the construction of access roads and planning of the territory has begun. Power plant commissioning is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

The area of the power plant under construction is 353 hectares; the total cost of the project is US $100 million. The project is fully funded by the French company “Total Eren SA”

The decision to build a PVP was made in accordance with the decree of the President of Uzbekistan dated May 13, 2020 “On measure to implement the investment project “The construction of the photovoltaic station in the Samarkand region with a capacity of 100 MW”