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Antimonopoly Committee proposes abolishing privileges and preferences for state enterprises

The Antimonopoly Committee has prepared a draft presidential decree on the abolition of exclusive rights, individual tax and customs benefits as well as preferences granted to individual economic entities that negatively affect the competitive environment. 

The projects provide for the abolition exclusive rights of such enterprises as Uzmetkombinat JSC for the procurement of ferrous metals, Uzvtorsvetmet JSC for the procurement of non-ferrous metals, “Davlatbelgisi” state production association for the manufacture of various paper products, enterprises of the Uzstandard Agency for the verification of measuring instruments and issuing mock-ups of barcodes, individual design institutes for design work in specific areas, individual insurance companies to provide services to specific government agencies, etc.

It is also proposed to abolish unequal conditions for businesses, namely the provision of privileges and preferences for members of various associations such as Uzbekipaksanoat, Uzyogmoysanoat, Uzeltekhsanoat, Parrandasanoat, Uzbekistonasalarichilari, potato producers, Uzcharmsanoat, commercial banks as Xalq Banki, Microcreditbank, Agroexportbank, individual cotton-textile clusters and others.