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Organization of a Medical Diagnostic Center

Project Documents

ID# 6

Investment Proposals

Name of the project

Organization of a Medical Diagnostic Center

Objective of the project

Rendering high-quality and acceptable medical services to the population



Project Implementation Schedule

construction starts on the 4th quarter of 2018

the term of putting the object into operation, from the moment of attracting investments – rd quarter of 2019

  Term before reaching the design capacity – 2nd quarter of 2020

Project location

  Yangikurgan village, Buvayda district, Fergana region

Information about project participants:

– initiator

Medical institutions of Buvayda district

– subcontractor (in charge of sectoral authority/ministry/agency)

Ministry of Health

(privilege is given when obtaining a license)

– creditor

The total cost of the project

   2,5 million USD

Expected sources of financing:

– own funds

   100 thousand USD

– loans


– required amount of foreign direct investment

   2,4 million USD

Composition of the main costs

construction and installation work – 300 thousand USD

Purchase of fixed assets – 2.2 million USD

Expected profitability

90 %

Expected payback period

7 years

Cash flows


Operating income (thousand USD)













Operating expenses (thousand USD)















Characteristics planned for production

The list of rendered medical services in all areas of diagnostic activities. Including,

The list of rendered medical services in all areas of diagnostic activities. Including,


– ultrasound

– X-ray

– Tomography

– ENT diagnostics

– Laboratory analysis

– FGDs


  – Laser device

Design capacity/productivity

It is planned to examine about 120 clients per day:

– 16 clients on MRI

– 25 clients on ultrasound

– 14 clients on X-ray

– 20 clients on ENT diagnostics

– 25 clients on laboratory analysis

– 5 clients on FGDS

– 15 clients on ECHO, ECG

Contribution to the project by the initiator

☒ land

☒ buildings and constructions

☒ license

☒ highly skilled personnel

☐ technological equipment

☒ idea

☒ utilities

Current project status

Developed new project


 Information about the initiator of the project

Full name of the company

Medical institution of Buvayda district

Details, address, contacts

Yangikurgan village, Buvayda district, Fergana region TIN: 200162370. Account number: 23402000300100001010

Tashkent city, Central Bank

Telephone: 5291549 / Shuhrat.dehqonov@umail.uz

Date of the enterprise’s foundation


Statutory fund

Founders and distribution of shares

Medical institution of Buvayda district – 100%

 Information about the founders

Full name

Buvayda district khokimiyat, Fergana region

Date of Birth

Contact number




Contact of the executor from the MIFT

Full name

Dehkonov Shukhratjon Goyibberdiyevich


Deputy khokim for Investment of Buvayda District

Contact number

529-1549, 529-1768





Number and types of created jobs

Total jobs: 97 units, of which:

– AMS: 3

– Diagnosticians: 28

– Junior Medical Staff: 57

– Technical staff: 9

Impact of the project on the environment (project EIS), including the expected types and volumes of waste, the place of their disposal

Waste will be transported to special places for garbage disposal. Waste that cannot be disposed will be transported to special places for discarding garbage.

Information about the land for construction of the enterprise

The proposed area for the project is the former facility of the District Tuberculosis Hospital, which suspended its operations in 2014.

The total area of the proposed site is 1.22 hectares,

The area of buildings and premises is 1408.0 m2.

The object is owned by the state. There are 2 stationary corps for women and men. The building for men was built in 1966 and is currently suitable for use.

Existing infrastructure


– the nearest power line is at a distance of 70 meters

– there is a water supply network;

– the main highway Kokand – Andijan passes at a distance of 30 m

Required infrastructure

– it is required to install a new TP

– to lay the sewer network;

– provide a telephone line, including the Internet;

Upcoming construction works

1) The main building of the Diagnostic Center

2) Additional buildings of the Diagnostic Center

Design-estimate documentation

Based on the investment proposal, design estimates will be developed.

Electricity demand (kWh), Integrated power (kWh/s or mW/h)

5 thousand kW per year (conditionally)

Water requirement (cubic meters per m)

2500 cubic meters per year (conditionally)

Gas demand (cubic meters)


 Market analysis, product description (works, services) marketing research 

Types of products

The following diagnostic services are provided for the population:


– ultrasound

– X-ray

– Tomography

– ENT diagnostics

– Laboratory analysis

– FGDs


  – Laser device

Annual production

Annual scope of service:

1st year 2,9 billion UZS (362,5 thousand USD)

2nd year 3,6 billion UZS (450 thousand USD)

3rd year 4,3 billion UZS (537,5 thousand USD)

4th year 5,1 billion UZS (637,5 thousand USD)

5th year 6,2 billion UZS (775 thousand USD)

Estimated sales markets and their shares:

Local market – 100% (Buvayda district – 50%, Uchkuprik and Bagdad districts – 30%, Rishtan – 10% and others – 10% )



Cost of production

– it is planned to render over 10 types of medical services, the average cost of services for 1 person is 80 thousand UZS (10 USD)

– MRI 130 thousand UZS

– ultrasound 45 thousand UZS

– X-ray 50 thousand UZS

– Tomography 80 thousand UZS

– ENT diagnostics 50 thousand UZS

– Laboratory analysis 120 thousand UZS

– FGDS 50 thousand UZS

– ECHO 35 thousand UZS

– ECG 35 thousand UZS

– Laser device 100 thousand UZS

Need for personnel

There are enough qualified personnel in the region.

Personnel provision

Attracting qualified personnel from medical institutes and medical institutions

Market volume

Over 500 thousand people living in the region

Expected market share

Local market share – 100%

Main competitors, their production volumes

Medical Diagnostic Center is located in Kokand city (at a distance of 15 km) and provides medical services for more than 3 thousand people per month. DAVR and Fergana Medical Diagnostic Center is located in the city of Fergana (at a distance of 85 km) and provides medical services for more than 5 thousand people per month.

Main competitive advantages

Service quality, accurate diagnosis and chemical biological analysis. Availability of modern medical equipment and qualified personnel.

The main target groups of consumers

Children, youth and elderly people from 7 to 70 years old

Sales structure by target consumer groups

Children – 20%

Youth – 30%

Elderly people – 50%

Pricing strategy

10% discount on each type of service

The cost structure of the final product

Cost of services in relation to the types of provided services

– MRI 80 thousand UZS (62%)

– Ultrasonography of 12 thousand UZS (60%)

– X-ray 35 thousand UZS (70%)

– ENT diagnostics of 35 thousand UZS (70%)

– Laboratory analysis 75 thousand UZS (75%)

– FGDs 30 thousand UZS (30%)

– ECHO 18 thousand UZS (72%)

– ECG 17 thousand UZS (65%)

Availability of patents, licenses, certificates in accordance with current legislation

Not available

Availability of a formed base of potential customers with a confirmed willingness to purchase products

Not available
Availability of marketing research Not available
Presentation component of the project Not available
Additional Information

Project risks

to find a place in the market of services, attract customers and survive in competition


Production technology and main equipment parameters

Type of equipment

Modern medical diagnostic equipment of advanced countries


– ultrasound

– X-ray

– Tomography

– ENT diagnostics

– Laboratory analysis

– FGDs


– Laser device

Country of origin

Russia, China, India and Japan


6 people/hour and 15 thousand people/year


The cost of the main types of medical diagnostic equipment is 2.2 million USD

Power usage

5000, 0 kwh a year

Installed power

Not known

Overall dimensions of the equipment

Depending on the type of purchased equipment

Main equipment weight

from 15 kg to 500 kg

Main equipment units (lines)


– ultrasound

– X-ray

– Tomography

– ENT diagnostics

– Laboratory analysis

– FGDs


– Laser device

Working hours per year

12 thousand hours a year

Work cycle

8 hours 1 shift

The frequency of scheduled preventive maintenance (SPM)

Each quarter

The number of people involved in production process and their functions


«Total: 97 employees, of which,

3 office employees

28 diagnostics physicians

42 average medical staff

15 nurses

9 technical staff


1) Construction and installation work

2) Purchase and installation of medical equipment

3) Preparation and selection of highly qualified personnel

4) Start of activity