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Which countries and how much invested in Uzbekistan in 2021

Alexey Sim, Deputy Head of the Agency for Strategic Development, cited investment statistics for 2021 at an interview for the Economic Review.

At the end of last year, Uzbekistan mastered $11.1 billion of foreign investments, which is 113% of the annual forecast. Investments in fixed assets amounted to $9.8 billion, demonstrating a growth rate of 110% compared to 2020.

Foreign direct investment and loans were disbursed for $9 billion, which is 117 of the forecast. Here, investments in fixed assets reached $ 8.2 billion with a rate of 124% compared to 2020.

International financial institutions and foreign government financial organizations have allocated $2.1 billion to the country , which means that the annual forecast is 100% fulfilled .

Industry companies through foreign direct investment and loans were able to master $ 3.8 billion ( 103% of the forecast). For regional projects, this figure reached $5.2 billion , or 130% of the forecast.

The sectors leading in terms of investment are energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, electrical engineering, IT, construction, pharmaceuticals, light industry, agriculture, etc.

In total, more than 50 countries invest in the economy of Uzbekistan. The top five investor countries are as follows:

  1. China – $2.2 billion;
  2. Russia — $2.1 billion;
  3. Turkey — $1.18 billion;
  4. Germany – $800.7 million;
  5. South Korea – $137.4 million



Source: www.spot.uz