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What will the International Center for Trade and Economic Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan do

The Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan revealed details of the construction of an international center on the border with Uzbekistan.

In the future, it is planned to create an industrial zone with cluster cooperation projects on the basis of MCTPP.  There they will produce food products: flour products, pasta, confectionery, fat and oil, meat products.  Fruit and vegetable products and light industry goods will also be produced: clothing, carpets and other floor coverings, bed linen and table linen.

 In addition, a construction and chemical industry for the production of polypropylene, household chemicals, and building materials will appear in the industrial zone. 

“This will have a multiplier effect on mutual trade between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with a trade volume of up to $ 10 billion,” the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted. 

The department also said that the construction of an object with a total area of   400 hectares is planned to be carried out by attracting private investment.

 A new checkpoint should appear on the territory of the center, where state control bodies, as well as representative offices of banks of both countries, will be located.  Also, a transport and logistics center, a bus station and a trade and service zone will be opened there.  Access roads will be built.

 More than 10 thousand jobs are expected to be created during the investment period and about 40 thousand during the operational period.  The carrying capacity is estimated at 5 thousand trucks and 35 thousand people per day. “The project will expand the market of logistics services in border areas, stimulate cross-border business cooperation and develop exhibition activities,” the ministry said.

 As a reminder, earlier, following the talks, Askar Mamin and Abdulla Aripov signed an action plan to organize the activities of Central Asia ICTPP, as well as a protocol on joint actions to develop railway transport.