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What can be privatized in Uzbekistan right now

The State Assets Management Agency has updated information on the privatized enterprises.

The first list was published in early June, the second in July. During this time, it has almost tripled – there are almost 65 enterprises in the new list.

The list includes the recreation areas “Charvak” and “Beldersay” in the Tashkent region, the hotel complex “Ichan-Kala” in Khiva and other objects. Prices are indicated only for a part of assets, for many there is information about financial indicators, which previously happened infrequently – this is how you can find out about the company’s income, the profitability of its assets and capital, profit indicators, the amount of its own and other funds. The state sells assets to private businesses with the aim of further attracting investments, creating new jobs and establishing business processes.

A complete list of privatized assets in three languages (Russian, English, Uzbek), as well as information on them, can be found on the Agency’s website.