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Uzbekistan plans to place two tranches of Eurobonds worth $ 750 million

According to the Ministry of Finance Uzbekistan intends to place two tranches of Eurobonds in dollars and Uzbek soums with a total amount equivalent to $ 750 million.

On November 17-18, a road show was held, which included an international audio conference (Global Investor Call) with the participation of about 90 investors from the United States, great Britain, Denmark, Australia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as individual virtual meetings with a dozen major investors. Detailed answers were given to their questions on monetary and fiscal policy, public debt dynamics, inflation targeting, and institutional reforms, including the fight against corruption.

At the end of the event, investors positively assessed the macroeconomic prospects and systemic changes being carried out in our country. A number of them expressed interest in sovereign international bonds denominated not only in dollars, but also in Uzbek soums.

Financial consultants-underwriters (City, JP Morgan, Societe Generale, VTB Capital and Gazprombank) at the suggestion of investors placed bonds in the amount of $ 750 million in two tranches – in dollars for a period of 10 years and in Uzbek soums-for a period of 3 years. Initial interest rates on the London stock exchange are about 4.25% and 15.25%, respectively.