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The privatization of a 47% stake in the Suvmash plant begins

Investment company UzAssets under the State Assets Management Agency announced its intention to sell its stake in Urganch Sharob.

The state intends to sell its 47% in the authorized capital. Deloitte is advising on the deal. The sales process is divided into two stages:

  1. expression of interest (you must send an application in the form of a letter) and the qualification selection of participants;
  2. consideration of commercial and financial proposals.

Applications are accepted until December 10. After that, UzAssets will compile a shortlist of participants who have passed the first stage. They will receive detailed information about the company as well as the preparation of a binding offer. The transaction will take place in accordance with the rules of the stock exchange.

Potential buyers must meet the requirements – to prove solvency, have a plan for the development of the company, and more. More information about the terms, process and other details can be found here.