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Oil production volumes are increasing by attracting investment projects

Fulfilling one of the most important tasks to increase hydrocarbon production, Uzbekneftegaz closely cooperates with a number of foreign companies, including companies from the Russian Federation.

The result of such joint efforts is the ANDIJANPETRO joint venture, established in the Andijan region jointly by Uzbekneftegaz JSC and Zarubezhneft JSC (Russia).

Since December 2019, the joint venture, using modern technologies, has been working to increase oil production at the Khartoum, East Khartoum and South Alamyshyk fields that have been developed for a long time.

Since the beginning of the operatorship, US$10.7 million has been disbursed (under the project US$13.9 million), including US$3.1 million in 2021.

In 2021, as a result of the implementation of 43 geological and technical activities, the daily production of 27.3 tons of crude oil and 3.9 thousand tons of additional oil was achieved.

As part of the investment project, a new line heater was installed at the Yuzhny Alamyshik oil treatment facility, oil gathering collectors were replaced, and a high-pressure water pipeline with a total length of 19.6 km was laid.

A new chemical-analytical laboratory was also built and put into operation, which received the approval of technical competence from the accreditation center of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In addition, work was completed on the installation of telemechanics system equipment at 20 wells of the Yuzhny Alamyshik field. Start-up and adjustment works are currently underway. This year, it is planned to expand telemechanics at 20 wells of the Khartoum and East Khartoum fields.

In addition, as part of investment projects, energy-saving equipment is being introduced at production facilities to reduce costs. For this purpose, pilot field tests of 2 units were successfully carried out. hydraulic drives of rod pumps.

Based on the results of the pilot surveys, it is planned to introduce 6 units. hydraulic drives, which will allow achieving a reduction in operating costs for maintenance up to 80% per well. Also, when using a hydraulic drive, a reduction in electricity consumption of up to 50% is achieved.