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Leather products Made in Uzbekistan in the center of international attention

The Specialized International Exhibition of the Leather Industry – APLF Dubai 2022 has opened in Dubai, UAE. composition. The national exposition of Uzbekistan is represented by over 100 products from 10 member companies of the Association.

The international exhibition APLF-2022 is one of the largest events demonstrating the achievements of the global leather industry. It currently covers three topics: “Leather”, “Special Materials” and “Step into the World of Fashion”. 15 national pavilions are attended by 500 companies and firms with more than 10,000 products.

Domestic enterprises at their exposition presented their foreign partners with finished leather, footwear, leather goods, gelatin. On the first day of the exhibition, negotiations were held with representatives of Portugal, Egypt and Pakistan on the export of leather goods from Uzbekistan. A dialogue was held with Spanish, Chinese, Turkish and Italian companies in the direction of finished leather.

As part of the international exhibition APLF-2022, it is expected to sign export agreements with foreign partners.


Source: www.uzdaily.uz