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Foreign partners are exploring the possibilities of producing biopolymers in Uzbekistan

In order to reduce the volume of gas chemical products with high added value imported from imports to the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and to master the production of new types of polymer products, as well as to increase the export potential, experts adopt measures with licensed companies to introduce new highly efficient technologies.

In accordance with the company’s strategy, the implementation of low-tonnage projects is currently planned. The Gas Processing and Gas Chemistry Department is in talks with a number of companies to achieve the goal. In particular, in early September, negotiations were held with the German company ThyssenKrupp AG. In mid-September, at negotiations with the Swiss company Sulzer, attention was paid to the directions and implementation of promising low-tonnage projects aimed at the production of polystyrene and biodegradable polymers, as well as to the issues of their implementation.

The Sulzer company was founded in 1834 in Switzerland. Sulzer has service centers for 180 production sites around the world. Industrial technologies, in particular, have more than 100 licensed technologies for the gas chemical industry.

It should be noted that in the production of biodegradable polymer, renewable products such as corn and sugar cane are used as raw materials. This polymer is used in medicine for the manufacture of surgical sutures, food containers, packaging and other goods.

An innovative biodegradable polymer-polylactide in natural conditions, which can be widely used in the food, medical industry, will help increase the efficiency of economic reforms, bring science and production to a high technological level, and most importantly, reduce the negative impact on the environment.

During the negotiations, the parties received information on issues of interest to them. In order to strengthen cooperation, we analyzed the relevant information and agreed to continue joint work on the implementation of future low-tonnage projects.

It should be noted that low-tonnage projects are one of the main drivers for increasing the economic indicators of our republic. The ongoing negotiations will serve as a factor influencing the growth of the export potential of the republic due to the implementation of promising projects that envisage in the future the production of new types of petrochemical products that are in high demand.