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Fergana hosted Business Awards 2018

t the event, held for the first time in order to assist entrepreneurs and investors, winners were awarded in 16 nominations such as “The most active investor of the year”, “The best enterprise of the year with foreign investor participation”, “The best enterprise exporter of the year”, “Exemplary taxpayer of the year” “The best enterprise-employer of the year”.
To date, 461 projects worth 2 trillion 700 billion UZS have been implemented within the framework of programs on integrated development of the region, more than 7 thousand new jobs have been created. 1 trillion 104 billion UZS was allocated by commercial banks for the implementation of projects, 64.2 million USD of foreign investment was mastered. At the same time, 1 trillion 103 billion UZS were allocated from the funds of the project initiators.
Projects have been implemented on production of import-substituting, export-oriented products, including children’s and sports bags in LLC “Adan Textile” in Kokand, various drugs in the LLC “Zunnur service farm” in Uchkuprik district, electrical engineering in the LLC “Dangara mega cattle” in Dangara district, production and dyeing of knitted fabrics in LLC “Kakir sanoat service”.
Khokim of Fergana region Sh.Ganiyev delivered a speech at the event.