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In Kashkadarya region, it is planned to implement 1125 investment projects

Yesterday, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the presentation of investment projects that are planned to be implemented in Kashkadarya region and the electric power industry.

Kashkadarya region has a high potential in all sectors. The region possesses the necessary raw materials and infrastructure for industry, water and land resources and experience for agriculture. In this regard, the main “points of growth” of the region are the textile industry, the building materials industry, the chemical and food industries, tourism, viticulture, horticulture and animal husbandry.

For implementation this year, 1,125 projects worth 11,300 billion have been formed. In particular, it is planned to create 296 industrial enterprises, 449 enterprises in the service sector and 380 enterprises in agriculture. Particular attention is paid to economic efficiency and employment. Future enterprises will be able to produce products for more than 6 trillion soums per year. This will provide import substitution for US$131 million and exports for US$180 million. It is planned to provide jobs for more than 19 thousand people.

These include 26 project proposals from cotton and textile clusters, including 10 projects focused on the production of finished products. As a result, the level of processing of raw cotton in the region will significantly increase. More than 7.6 thousand jobs will be created in the textile sector alone.

Construction organizations in Kashkadarya use 106 thousand tons of drywall, 102 thousand square meters of tiles and other building materials per year. However, despite the availability of the necessary raw materials, these products are not produced in the region itself. In this regard, several projects have been prepared.