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How did the FEZ, SIZ, technology parks and clusters work in 2020?

The State Statistics Committee provided information on the activities of special economic and small industrial zones, technoparks and clusters in the country. The data are presented by organizations, regions, industries, production volumes, productivity and other indicators.

According to statistics, currently there are 18 free economic zones, 71 small industrial zones, 3 technoparks and 259 clusters in the country.

The volume of industrial production in the period amounted to 10,288.2 billion soums. Of this, 4946.5 billion soums fell to free economic zones, 1021.6 billion soums to small industrial zones, 69.4 billion soums to technoparks and 4790.7 billion soums to clusters.

The largest volume of industrial production was recorded in the special economic zone – 4946.5 billion soums. For comparison, in January-June 2019, the volume of industrial production amounted to 5247.2 billion soums, industrial production – 3016.4 billion soums, free economic zone 1042.3, 69.9 technoparks and 1118.6 billion soums. corresponds to the share of clusters.