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Project of Next Textile LLC on production of yarn and fabric in Payarik district in Samarkand region

Project Documents

ID# 9

Investment proposal

Name of the project


Project of Next Textile LLC on production of yarn and fabric in Payarik district in Samarkand region.

Objective of the project

To implement the project of Next Textile LLC on production of 7000 tons of yarn and 1.77 million p/m of fabric per year with opening 500 new jobs.


Light industry

Project Implementation Schedule

– Сonstruction starts in October 2017

– Project implementation period 2019

  P.S. if investment implementation on equipment will be realized in 2018

Project location

Chelek city of Payarik district in Samarkand region

Information about project participants:


 Next Textile LLC

– Subcontractor (in charge of sectoral authority/ministry/agency)

Benefits are granted depending on the investment amount.

For example: for $3 million investors are exempt from all taxes for 3 years, for $5 million for 5 years, for $10 million for 10 years, and above that, they are revised by the state in individual conditions.

The total cost of the project

26,0 million USD

Expected sources of financing:

Own funds

 10,0 million USD

Required amount of foreign direct investment

16,0 million USD

Composition of the main costs

– construction and installation work (including communications: electricity, gas, water, etc.) – 8.6.0 million USD

– basic equipment (including installation supervision and component parts, and transportation) – 16.0 million USD

– raw materials for the launch period (1 month) – 1.4.0 million USD

Expected profitability

22% (net profit of total income per year)

Expected payback period

5 years

Characteristics planned for production

Cord yarn and bedding

Design capacity/productivity

The annual production capacity is 7000 tons of yarn and 1.77 million p/m of fabric with opening 500 new jobs.

  Contribution to the project by the initiator

  • Business idea
  • Area of land
  • Own funds
  • Privileges

Current project status

All equipment contracts are signed, all documentation on the basis of the normative is made and construction status is 40% complete.

Information about the initiator of the project

Full name of the company

Next Textile” LLC

Details, address, contacts

“Next Textile” LLC, Samarkand city, Rudakiy street, 116-B

c/a 20208000500261598001, 
c/a  (USD) 20208840800261598001,
c/a  EURO 20208978100261598001     

JSCB  «Asaka Bank» Samarkand Branch
IBT: 00264
TIN 302732020,
GCNES 61110,  phone: +998 979 111 700,           
e-mail: eddy1700@mail.ru

Date of the enterprise’s foundation


Founders and distribution of shares

1.Muminov Eldor Ilkhomovich


Information about the founders

Full name

Muminov Eldor Ilkhomovich

Date of Birth


Contact number

+998(97) 911-17-00


e-mail: eddy1700@mail.ru

Contact of the performer from the MIFT

Full name




Contact number





General information

Number and types of created jobs

Total jobs: 500 units

Information about the land for construction of the enterprise

The size:

– total area: 4.9 hectares

– production area: 3 hectares

Existing infrastructure

– electrical networks – distance to the RS 0.3 km

– water supply network – a water pumping tower will be installed

– natural gas network – the distance to the power plant is 8km

– sewer networks – does not exist

– car roads – exist

– railway line: does not exist

Required infrastructure

– Telephony and Internet fiber

Upcoming construction works

  Main production building


  Repair room

  Administrative room

  Mini Hotel for foreign technologists

  Water Pumping Tower

  Transformer substation

  Fencing of the territory

Design-estimate documentation

Stage: Development of design-estimate documentation.

Developer: Universal Proekt Plus LLC

Electricity demand (kW/h), installed power (kW/h or mW/h

kW per year

7000 kW

The need for water (cubic meter/m)

Cubic/meter per year

Water pumping tower will be installed

The need for gas (cubic meters)

Cubic/meter per year


Technology of manufacture and parameters of main equipment

Type of equipment

Trutschler-Schlafhorst, Electrojet, Toyota, Karl Mayer, AESA, Lupamat, Staubli Sargans, Suntech-HANGZHOU, Perfect, Premier, Mohler, Moksha, Spin Can

Country of origin

Germany, Spain, Japan, France, Turkey, Switzerland, China, India


Productivity per year 7000 tons of yarn and 1.77 million p/m of fabric


16,0 million USD

Power usage

7000 kW

Working hours per year

8212,5 hours

Work cycle

22,5 hours a day, 3 shifts

The number of people involved in the production process and their functions

Total jobs: 500 units