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Khorezm region

Portrait of the region


1804,9 thousand people

Population density

297,8 person km2


6060 km2

Largest cities

Urgench city - 140,1 thousand people Khiva city - 89,2 thousand people


Natural area

The climate of the region is sharply continental, with hot and dry summers and cold winters. In winter, the air temperature in Khorezm region is lower by an average of 5-8 °C from the rest of Southern and Eastern part of Uzbekistan.
The average annual temperature is +12,0 °C; average temperature in January is -5,0 °C, average temperature in July is +30,0 °C .The absolute minimum temperature is -32 °C, absolute maximum temperature is +45 °C. The average annual precipitation in the district is 78-79 mm (main part of precipitation falls in spring and autumn), vegetation period lasts 200-210 days.
Relief-Khorezm region is located in the Western part of Uzbekistan. It borders with Karakalpakstan from the North-West and North, Turkmenistan from the South, Bukhara region from the far South-East, East and North-East. The total area of the region is 6.3 thousand km2 (1.5% of the total territory of Uzbekistan). Almost the entire territory of the region is occupied by plains and small hills.

Land resources

Total land area is 608,2 thousand hectares. Of these, irrigated agricultural area is 265.9 thousand hectares. Pasture area for livestock is 109,4 thousand hectares.

Water resources

The region has one river. The average volume of water resources is about 25.2 billion m3. per year. The main river is Amu Darya.
In the region, there is one artificial reservoir with a total displacement of about 7800.0 million m3.

Investment potential of the region

Economy of the region

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Investments per capita

Natural and climatic conditions

Land and water resources

Total land area is 608,2 thousand hectares. Of these, irrigated agricultural area is 265.9 thousand hectares. Pasture area for livestock is 109,4 thousand hectares.



Average population density by districts

Employment of the population



Composition of the population (thousand people)

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Transport infrustructure

Roads (length km)

Urgench city:

Urgench city – Tashkent city- 1100 km.
Urgench city – Samarkand city – 680 km.
Urgench city – Bukhara city – 450 km.
Urgench city – Nukus city- 146 km.
Urgench city – Khiva city – 30 km.
Urgench city- Khazarasp district – 90 km.
Urgench city- Gurlen district- 41 km.

Khiva city:
Khiva city – Urgench city – 30 km.
Khiva city- Kushkupir district- 24 km.
Khiva city – Khanka district – 38 km.
Khiva city – Yangibazar district- 46 km.
Bagat district: 
Bagat district – Urgench city 39 km
Bagat district – Gurlen district 118 km
Gurlen district:
Gurlen district – Taldyk city – 18 km.
Gurlen district- Tashauz city – 25 km.
Gurlen district -Mangit city- 21 km.
Gurlen district- Urgench city – 41 km.
Gurlen district- Bagat district- 850 km
Kushkupir district: 
Kushkupir district- Khiva city – 24 km.
Urgench district:
Urgench district-Mangit city- 61 km.
Urgench district – Shavat district – 38 km.
Urgench district- Yangiaryk district – 32 km.
Khazarasp district:
Khazarasp district – Amudarya city- 30 km.
Khazarasp district – Urgench city- 90 km.
Khanka district: 
Khanka district- Khiva city – 38 km
Khanka district- Yangiaryk district 25 km
Khiva district:
Khiva district – Urgench city- 30 km.
Khiva district – Kushkupir district – 24 km
Khiva district – Khanka district – 38 km.
Khiva district – Yangibazar district- 46 km
Shavat district:
Shavat district-Urgench district – 38 km.
Shavat district – Tashauz city – 26 km.

Yangiaryk district:
Yangiaryk district-Khanka district – 25 km
Yangiaryk district – Urgench district – 32 km.
Yangibazar district:
Yangibazar district – Khiva city -46 km.
Yangibazar district – Beruniy city – 23 km.

Railway (length km)

Urgench city:

Urgench city- Tashkent city – 1100 km.
Urgench city- Samarkand city- 680 km.
Urgench city- Russia 3000 km.
Urgench city – Kazakhstan – 1500 km.

Khiva city:
Khiva city – Urgench city 36 km.
Khiva city-Bukhara 350 km.
Khazorasp district:
Khazarasp district- Urgench city 87 km.
Shavat district:
Shavat district- Urgench city 65 km.


Air (flight directions)

Urgench city – Tashkent city
Urgench city- Bukhara city
Urgench city – Saint Petersburg city
Urgench city- Moscow
Urgench city – Istambul
Urgench city – Milan
Urgench city – Paris

Communal infrustructure

1 cubic metre - 445 UZS Drinking water and sewage
1 kWh - 228,6 UZS
(per 1 cubic metre)
1 cubic metre - 1000 UZS

Specialization of the region

Industry Volume(bn.UZS)

Industry Volume (bn.UZS)

Agriculture (bn.UZS)

Export and import