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How the privatization of land plots works?

The relevant resolution of the Government approved the administrative regulations on the provision of public services to citizens and legal entities of Uzbekistan on the privatization of land plots on the basis of permanent use (possession), lease and inherited lifelong ownership.

According to the administrative regulations, land privatization services are provided through the Center of Public Services or the Single interactive public services portal (my.gov.uz).

The application, power of attorney, the decision on privatization of the land plot (if the applicant is a legal entity) are attached.

The application is sent to the information system “Land Privatization” for consideration by the district (city) construction department, cadastral branch. The cadastral branch checks the information within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the application.

The district (city) construction department within 3 working days considers the compliance of the location of the land plot with the approved documents on urban planning and development of the land area (settlement or the area between them).

In the information system “Land Privatization” on the results of the application (agreed or rejected) a notification is formed and sent to the applicant.

Accordingly, the applicant will make a land purchase payment within 10 working days. When the payment is made on time, a state order granting the right of ownership to the land is formed.

On the basis of the order, the Cadastre Office within 2 working days registers the right to land in the state and sends an extract from it to the applicant or the Center of Public Services.

A fee of 10% of the BCV (27,000 soums) is charged for the provision of public services. The fee for services provided through the Single interactive public services portal is 24,300 soums.

Confirmation of payment of fees and purchase price of the privatized land plot is made through the information system “Land Privatization”.

The regulation does not apply to land plots allocated to participants of small industrial, youth industrial and business zones.


Source: uza.uz