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Cooperation with the company “Surbana Jurong Group” is expanding

On September 21 of this year, Deputy Minister of Investment, Industry and Trade Oybek Khamraev held negotiations with the CEO of the Singapore 
company Surbana Jurong Group Sean Zhian.

The parties are focusing on the progress of implementation of current projects in the areas of water supply and water resources management. Priority areas for 
further cooperation are also outlined.

As a result of the negotiations, the parties reached an agreement to increase cooperation in the fields of transport and logistics, petrochemicals, 
renewable energy, urban planning and infrastructure.
For background: Surbana Jurong Group, founded in 2015, is Singapore's largest urban planning and infrastructure consultancy. 
It has more than 120 offices in 40 countries with a total staff of 16 thousand employees.
The company has implemented over 16 thousand projects.