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About IFIs and IFFOs:

China Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as CDB) was established in 1994 with headquarters in Beijing. The authorized capital of the bank at the time of its creation was 50 billion yuan (over $6 billion). In 1994, a new law on banking allowed the creation of the CDB, which was under the direct control of the State Council of China. Currently, the bank is considered the most profitable in the country and the second most profitable in Asia

Website: www.cdb.com.cn 

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In accordance with the decision of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China of December 11, 2008, the China Development Bank was transformed into the State Development Corporation of China. At the same time, the State Development Corporation of China has all the assets and liabilities of the CDB in its possession.

The CDB provides financial services to 101 countries of the world. This activity is based on financial cooperation, joint financing, issuing loans to Chinese and foreign enterprises, investing, leasing, etc. in the field of infrastructure, basic industries, agriculture, small and medium businesses

Cooperation with the Republic of Uzbekistan:

Within the framework of expansion of bilateral cooperation on July 18-19, 2017, Deputy Prime Minister J.Kuchkarov visited the People’s Republic of China with organizing negotiations with the co-chairman of the CC Meng Jianzhu, the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce, Eximbank, the CDB, the Silk Road Fund, the Industrial and Commercial Bank. Following the visit, agreements were reached on implementation of various investment projects in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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To date, the total portfolio of loans extended to the Republic of Uzbekistan through the Eximbank of China and China Development Bank (CDB) amounts to more than $6.5 billion, including $4.0 billion without a government guarantee.