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In 1986 on the initiative of the Union of Chambers and Exchanges, the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) was established. In addition to the Union, its founders became another 8 major business associations of the country, including: the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD), the Economic Development Fund, the Turkish Foreign Trade Association, the Turkish Contractors Association, the Turkish Confederation of Employers Associations, the Union of Turkish Chambers of Agriculture and the International Capital Market Association.

Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board is a non-governmental non-profit organization, the main task of which is to promote the development of international trade-economic and scientific-technical relations of Turkish organizations, firms and banks. The DEIK carries out its activities through the Turkish-foreign business councils within its structure, which in turn unite Turkish companies interested in establishing or expanding their business contacts with a particular country.

Website: www.deik.org.tr