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What’s new in Uzbekistan comes into force on October 1

The signs of epidemiological safety should be issued for the entrepreneurs.

The badge is issued for a period of 12 months and has three categories: “green”, “yellow” and “red”. Signs are issued on the initiative of entrepreneurs themselves (voluntarily) or on the initiative of government agencies in accordance with the law (compulsory).

Credit holidays are coming to an end.

Banks will begin to independently determine the timing of the extension of these holidays.

Changes in tax administration.

Payers of generally established taxes throughout the country will begin to be served in regional and city departments, and not in district inspections, as it was before.

Reduced VAT exemptions

Among them are the enterprises “General Motors Uzbekistan” and their successors (UzAuto Motors), participants in the construction of Hayat and others. This is done to create a complete VAT chain and ensure a level playing field for all companies.