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What beneficial terms will Uzbekistan provide participants of special economic zones

Now in the country, there are 23 special economic zones, which in 2020 made it possible to increase the volume of industrial production almost to 9 trillion soums.
The President identified measures to further support the participants in special economic zones (SEZ).
The document consolidated the tasks of protecting the rights and interests of investors, which were indicated in the framework of the president’s open dialogue with entrepreneurs.
In particular, it established, that the unused part of the benefits of the tax on the income of subjects of FEZ, which were abolished from 1 January 2020 the year, will be applied for those companies, which are included in the register of residents of the SEZ ( on condition on 1 October 2020 the year ) in the period of 3 up to 10 years, on the basis of the introduced of the volume of investment.
Apart from that, the participants of the special economic zones of 15 September 2021 the year has been given the right to deferment of repayment ( installment payment ) VAT and customs duties with the production of goods and imports of components, raw materials, and materials for their own needs in the period up to 120 days without charging and reclaim ensure payment percent on them.
Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Committee instructed to strictly comply with the order reimbursement of the subjects of FEZ amount of excess of VAT for the seven days.
As for the two months, it is planned to develop a draft law, envisaging the provision of benefits for income tax on the profit participants SEZ, based on introduced their volume of investment.
There are 23 special economic zones in Uzbekistan. As a result of the activities of the overall volume of industrial production in the 2020 year reached nearly nine trillion of soums, which is more than 3% of the GDP of the republic.
The legislation provides for tax and customs benefits for FEZ subjects. At the same time, they have the right to use conditions convenient for them, forms of payment, and settlements for exported and imported goods.