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Uzkimyosanoat presented projects planned for implementation with a total cost of more than $ 4 billion

The chairman of the board of the Uzkimyosanoat joint-stock company, Jurabek Mirzamakhmudov, presented to President Shavkat Mirziyoyev a presentation on the development of the industry and projects planned for implementation. The presentation was prepared based on the results of the meeting held in January this year.

Within the next two months, it is planned to launch 7 new projects, their cost is $ 1.5 billion. These projects will provide an opportunity to export products worth 382 million dollars, as well as replace imports by 750 million dollars a year. In general, it is planned to create 3,430 new jobs through new projects worth $ 4 billion.

Today, the technical and economic foundations of 18 projects with a total cost of $ 2 billion 600 million are also being developed. In general, as a result of the implementation of all projects this year, and in the future, a production capacity of $ 3 billion will be created, and the export potential will reach $ 1 billion 300 million. The new enterprises will create about 3,500 jobs.

Another important aspect is that after the launch of these enterprises, the cost of new processed products from natural gas will exceed 2 billion 100 million soums, that is, the added value will increase 14 times.

In order to create production capacities for goods in high demand based on chemical raw materials and semi-finished products, it is planned to create three large technological clusters in Navoiazot and Fargonaazot joint-stock companies, as well as in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

In particular, 16 projects for $ 2 billion 600 million will be implemented in Navoiazot, 4 projects for $ 334 million in Fargonaazot, and 3 projects for almost $ 687 million in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.