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Uzbekneftegaz: Within the framework of the Dubai Expo-2020 exhibition, issues of cooperation with representatives of large companies Clariant, KPMG, Sulzer were discussed

JSC “Uzbekneftegaz” with its exposition takes part in the international exhibition “Dubai Expo-2020” in Dubai (UAE).

Members of the delegation of JSC “Uzbekneftegaz” provide the participants of the event with detailed information on the ongoing transformation processes in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the oil and gas industry, on the ongoing work to enter the international financial market, and on investment projects. In turn, issues of cooperation with representatives of foreign companies are discussed and agreements are reached.

As part of the project for the production of liquefied synthetic fuel based on purified methane of the Shurtan gas chemical complex, implemented by Uzbekneftegaz JSC, meetings were organized for the supply of products necessary for the needs of the Uzbekistan GTL LLC plant.

Also, a meeting was held with Clariant (Germany) to purchase a licensed catalyst required for the Fisher Tropsch reactor of the project of Uzbekistan GTL LLC. As a result of the meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed.

At the meeting, representatives of Clariant expressed interest in another major project being implemented by Uzbekneftegaz JSC – “Expanding the production capacities of the Shurtan gas chemical complex”, the project provided for the supply of catalysts for equipment for the production of polypropylene and the advantages of Clariant catalysts were discussed before other catalysts.

After that, a meeting was held with the head of KPMG (USA) for the CIS countries Vasily Savin. The possibilities of reducing the harm caused to nature by carbon dioxide (SO2) at the enterprises of the industry of Uzbekneftegaz JSC, as well as the use of new technologies in this process, were discussed.

A representative of a foreign company expressed interest in cooperation with Uzbekneftegaz JSC on the implementation of standards that reduce the negative impact of industry (ESG) on the environment and social sphere.

Specialists of JSC “Uzbekneftegaz” expressed interest in cooperation with foreign consulting companies (BCG (USA)) in developing a strategy for the development of the oil and gas industry, as well as in implementing standards that reduce the negative impact of industry (ESG) on the environment and social sphere.

In addition, the possibility of producing an environmentally friendly polymer (polylactide) was discussed with the Sulzer company (Germany), which, during the implementation of small-tonnage projects, which fell on the ground as waste, disappear along with the soil.

An important aspect of the innovative technology proposed by Sulzer is that these types of polymers make it possible to efficiently process waste from renewable agriculture and obtain an environmentally friendly new type of high value-added polymer product. Specialists of JSC “Uzbekneftegaz” and “Sulzer” agreed on a mutual in-depth study of the project.

Representatives of Uzbekneftegaz JSC also informed about the ongoing work with foreign consulting companies (BCG) to develop a strategy for the development of the oil and gas industry, in particular, to reduce the industrial impact on the environment, as well as plans to develop ESG standards.

As part of the exhibition, Uzbekistan GTL LLC and Himma Middle East ZFE (Dubai) signed an agreement for the provision of services for safe shutdown, control, automatic control of emergency shutdown systems for technological systems.

In addition, a meeting was held with the director of the Dubai Expo 2020 pavilion, a representative of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Turkmenistan Maksat Borzhakov. During familiarization with the exposition of Uzbekneftegaz JSC, they were provided with detailed information about the GTL project. During the week, an agreement was also reached in the pavilion of Turkmenistan to hold a meeting with representatives of the Turkmennebit State Concern.

Representatives of Uzbekistan GTL LLC met with representatives of foreign companies DGA Iron ore Trading and REX Resources FZE. They showed interest in the products of the Uzbekistan GTL plant and offered their services for the possible export of products to a number of foreign countries, in particular to Iran, the UAE and other countries.

The possibilities of localizing drill pipes in Uzbekistan were discussed with representatives of Petro Pipe (UAE). They were provided with information on the needs of JSC “Uzbekneftegaz” in pipe products. A preliminary agreement was reached with the Petro Pipe company on organizing the production of high-pressure tanks in the Kashkadarya region.

This company is recommended by Sasol (South Africa), which is the licensor of the GTL technology, according to which Himma Middle East ZFE (Dubai) has been providing related services for a long time.


Source: www.ung.uz