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Uzbekistan’s foreign trade turnover increased by 13.6% in the first half of the year

“In January-June 2021, the volume of foreign trade turnover оf Uzbekistan amounted to $ 18.013 billion and, compared to the same period in 2020, increased by 13.6%,” State Statistics Committee noted.

The largest increase in foreign trade occurred in May, which almost doubled, reaching $ 4.25 billion.

The volume of exports from Uzbekistan in the first half of the year increased by 12.3% to 7.056 billion dollars, imports – up to 10.957 billion (+ 14.35%).

The negative balance of foreign trade amounted to $ 3.902 billion against a negative figure of $ 3.303 billion a year earlier.

The main foreign trade partners of the republic are China (18.2% of the total turnover), Russia (17%), Kazakhstan (10.4%), Turkey (8.7%) and South Korea (4.6%).

The main export items of Uzbekistan were industrial goods (28.8% of total exports), gold and precious metals (19.7%), services (16.1%), textile products (19.2%) and food products (8, 6%).

The main import items of Uzbekistan in January-June were machinery and equipment (32.8%), industrial goods (18.9%), chemical products and plastics (13.8%), food products (10%).

Source: https://stat.uz/ru/press-tsentr/novosti-goskomstata/10425-vneshnetorgovyj-oborot-v-respublike-uzbekistan-za-yanvar-iyun-2021-goda