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Turkish companies plan to build 16-storey buildings in Andijan

The companies Mezirhan and Endeks (Turkey) plan to build high-rise buildings in Andijan with a total cost of $ 50 million, the press service of the khokimiyat of the Andijan region reported.

The implementation of the project was discussed at a meeting with the regional governor Shukhratbek Abdurakhmonov and the heads of Turkish firms Yusuf Kenen and Erkan Dagly. The partner from the Uzbek side is Hokon Auto Invest LLC.

The new residential area will consist of six 16-storey and eight 12-storey buildings. The project also includes the construction of two 16-storey buildings in Asaka.

This year, Uzbekistan will allocate about 8.1 trillion soums to banks for mortgage lending to the population. In total, in 2020, the country plans to build housing for 54 thousand families.