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The number of appeals to the business ombudsman doubled

For nine months, the business ombudsman received more than 5,000 appeals, which is two times more than in January-September last year. More than 3000 decisions were made in favour of entrepreneurs, claims for 28 billion soums were brought to the courts.

In January-September of this year, the business ombudsman received twice as many applications from entrepreneurs as in the same period last year. This was announced on November 1 at a briefing at the AIMK by the head of the department of the Ombudsman for the Rights of Entrepreneurs, Nozima Saidalieva.

More than 5,000 applications were received in nine months. Almost 3000 of them are satisfied, the rest have been explained. During this period, claims for 28 billion soums were also submitted to the courts. The number of persons brought to administrative responsibility as a result of participation in the business ombudsman process has also sharply increased – 740 people.

Most of those who applied are in Tashkent (643), Tashkent region (583) and Karakalpakstan (540). In the context of spheres, they most often applied for land (1179) and credit (1119) issues.

Nozima Saidalieva noted that “violations of the rights of entrepreneurs lead to additional expenses from the state budget”.



“If we speak on the example of courts, then by their decisions the state bodies are ordered to restore the violated rights of entrepreneurs, which means the payment of compensations, the allocation of land, etc., as well as the payment of the state duty,” Nozima Saidalieva emphasized and added that in total these expenses form a large amount of funds. …

“In addition to additional costs, violation of the rights of entrepreneurs has a negative impact on the image of a state body and an employee, which leads to a decrease in confidence in them. For this reason, we urge state bodies not to commit offences, ”said the representative of the business ombudsman.

Recall that in early October, a portal was launched, which published the results of reforms in Uzbekistan for 2017-2021. It was noted that over three years the business ombudsman received 13.4 thousand applications, as a result of which 930 responsible persons were brought to disciplinary, 1513 – to administrative responsibility, 1034 illegal decisions of state and regulatory bodies were cancelled in favour of business entities through the courts 95 were collected, 1 billion soums.