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The Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Innovation and the Ministry of Economic Development to introduce programs for the transition to a “green” economy until 2026

Measures will be taken to increase the energy efficiency of the economy of Uzbekistan by 20 percent by 2026 and reduce by 10 percent the volume of emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere by actively introducing green economy technologies in all areas. This is stated in the draft Development Strategy for 2022-2026.

To achieve these indicators, the following projects will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers:

The Ministry of Energy by 1 March 2022 – programs to expand and support the use of renewable energy sources, improve energy efficiency of social, commercial and administrative buildings and structures;

To the Ministry of Innovative Development, by 1 May 2022 – a program for creating a technology for obtaining, storing and transferring hydrogen energy;

To the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction, by 1 June 2022, programs for the transition to a green economy and energy conservation to reduce losses in industries and increase the efficiency of resource use, as well as create a system to stimulate the production and operation of electric vehicles.

– in 2022 – 14 types of activities, including services for the supply of liquefied gas to the population and social facilities, as well as certification services;

– in 2023–2025 – 11 types of activities, including services for the storage of petroleum products, provision of additional services in the field of railway transportation, operation of airport and terminal complexes, collection, transportation, disposal and processing of solid waste, railway forwarding services.