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The industrial potential of the country’s regions has been studied

A video conference was held at the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan under the leadership of First Deputy Minister Nozimjon Kholmurodov, which was attended by heads of industry associations, commercial banks and local authorities.

During the meeting, measures were discussed to use existing opportunities and new reserves for the development of the industrial potential of the regions, problems identified during the study of industrial enterprises in various industries and the formation of regional investment programs for 2023.

The reports of the responsible heads of commercial banks and regions, as well as the heads of republican working groups, including the results of the study of the activities of industrial enterprises in the regions of the country, were heard in a critical manner. The working groups studied the activities of more than 45 thousand industrial enterprises, in 5 thousand of which various problems were identified, for the operational solution of which targeted “Road Maps” were developed. In particular, 1,700 enterprises faced problems in obtaining credit funds, 1,300 – with connection to the appropriate infrastructure communications.

Following the meeting, the relevant managers were given specific instructions for the timely implementation of the Roadmaps and the elaboration of additional promising investment projects based on the potential of each region.


Source: mift.uz