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The course of socio-economic development of the Tashkent region was studied

On May 19 of this year, a working group led by the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan S. Umurzakov and consisting of the heads of ministries, departments, industry associations, commercial banks and local authorities on-site monitored the ongoing work to study the current state and stimulation of accelerated industrial and socio-economic development of the Tashkent region.

Industrial production facilities and enterprises were visited, the example of which issues of the development of various industries were studied, as well as ongoing measures to create new jobs.

The members of the working group, through a direct dialogue with entrepreneurs and exporters, discussed the existing problems that they face in the process of production and export activities and developed algorithms for solving them. Responsible leaders directly on the ground were given instructions for their implementation.

Special attention was paid to the issues of industrial development of the region. The importance of intensifying the attraction of investments in the implementation of projects aimed at increasing the localization of products, for which there is an increased demand in the domestic market, which is mostly met through imports, was noted. In this regard, instructions were given to conduct a detailed analysis of the structure of regional imports, identify specific commodity items and develop project proposals in order to establish the production of these types of products in the Tashkent region.

It was also instructed to make an inventory of the existing problems in providing the population with infrastructure and social services, and develop specific practical measures to eliminate them, indicating the responsible leaders and deadlines.

Currently, the working group continues to work on studying the problems existing in the region and developing effective measures to solve them.


Source: mift.uz