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The Business Clinic program was launched to support business and entrepreneurs during the crisis

In order to quickly and effectively respond to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, in support of small and medium-sized businesses in Uzbekistan, the UNDP and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched the Business Clinic program. The project is aimed at providing legal and business advice, providing complete and reliable information on the measures to support entrepreneurship provided by the state during the coronavirus pandemic.

It was noted that the pandemic of COVID-19 infection in Uzbekistan forced the government in March 2020 to take decisive measures to prevent its spread, including restricting the movement of vehicles, closing external and interregional borders, suspending the work of social facilities, and canceling events.

The imposed restrictive measures affected the activities of a number of industries, affected trade and supply chains, both domestically and abroad, and, in general, led to a decrease in the activity of various types of business.

To mitigate the economic consequences of the crisis, the government of Uzbekistan has developed comprehensive anti-crisis measures to support legal entities and individuals, in particular, it is worth noting the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. UP-5969 dated March 19 of this year. “On priority measures to mitigate the negative impact on the economy of the coronavirus pandemic and global crisis phenomena” No. UP-5978 dated April 3 of this year. “On additional measures to support the population, economic sectors and business entities during the coronavirus pandemic” and No. UP –5986 of April 27 this year. “On additional measures to support the population and business entities during the coronavirus pandemic.” An Anti-Crisis Fund was created, one of the main goals of which is to support entrepreneurship and employment of the population.

As part of the work of the business clinic, free consultations are carried out on issues related to the restoration of business and the use of benefits and preferences provided by the state to entrepreneurs who faced financial difficulties during the pandemic. In order to promptly respond to incoming requests, the corresponding accounts in social networks were launched and a hotline was launched at 1094.

The key tasks of the business clinic are a phased way out of the crisis, the restoration and development of economic activity, as well as the expansion of business partnerships in the post-like period. As part of the initiative, it is planned to launch online courses for small and medium-sized businesses.

More information about the program is available on the website:www.businessinfo.uz