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Social and economic development of Tashkent region over five years

 The Center for Economic Research and Reforms (CERR) presented the results of the development of Tashkent region over the past five years.

The experts presented the main changes in the socio-economic development of the region that have occurred during the last years of active reforms.

In recent years, large-scale creative work has been carried out in Tashkent region. The number of large industrial enterprises has significantly increased, communications have been laid, social facilities and apartment buildings have been built.

Gross domestic product of the region (GRP) for 2017-2020 increased by 19% and amounted to 64.9 trillion soums.

Industrial production increased from 16.9 trillion soums to 65.9 trillion soums (growth 34%).

The number of operating enterprises in the region increased by 39% from 37.5 thousand in 2016 to 52.3 thousand in 2020.

In the field of infrastructure development in Tashkent region for 2016-2020. 28 km of highways, 46 km of gas pipelines and 593 km of water supply networks have been laid.

For five years, about 297 thousand jobs have been created in the region.

Over the past five years, 60 67 thousand square meters of housing have been created in the region, 2.3 thousand places in preschool institutions, 37.2 thousand places in schools, 3.5 thousand places in hospitals.