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UZIPA held a meeting with Polimerstroy LLC

On January 29, Investment promotion agency held a meeting with Alensander Antipin, Commercial Director of Polimerstroy LLC. On the part of the UZIPA, the negotiations were attended by the head of the department for facilitating the opening of a business and supporting investors in cooperation with state bodies Behzod Bakhodyrov and the head of the department for analyzing investment attractiveness and working with data Behzod Alikhanov.

The meeting began with an exchange of information about the Agency’s activities, its important role in assisting foreign investors in entering the Uzbek market.Alexander Antipin noted that Polimerstroy LLC has existed for more than 20 years and is one of the first Russian companies to master the production of shaped products and pipes made of polyurethane foam in polyethylene and galvanized steel shells. In 2010, the company mastered the application of corrosion-resistant coatings on the inner and outer surfaces steel pipe, with thermal insulation and fire-resistant insert and with the skin-effect track heating system, which protects products from sudden temperature changes and significantly increases the service life . In addition, the “skin effect” is the only system that allows heating the pipeline arm without an accompanying network, which represents the most effective and economical solution for heating trunk pipelines of unlimited length with an accompanying power network.

He noted that the company is currently negotiating with the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities. In the light of the adopted Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On additional measures to improve the heat supply system and financial recovery of heat supply enterprises” in November 2019, Polymerstroy LLC intends to develop business ties and a memorandum of cooperation has already been signed.

The Russian side asked the UZIPA specialists what conditions are offered by the state for various forms of company registration in order to enter the Uzbek market with its package of proposals and be able to tender participation in the State program for the development of the heat supply system.

UZIPA experts noted that each legal form of an enterprise with foreign investment has a number of advantages and it is proposed to study more closely direct competitors in this field. In particular, there are competitive advantages in the localization of production. Depending on the level of planned industrial cooperation, production location is proposed. or in the FEZ or SIZ. It is noted that the localization process has its own specific features such as adaptation to the conditions of a new region, the study of market demand and the readiness of the entire territorial environment for innovative changes.