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Investment proposals for the development of tourism in the Republic of Karakalpakstan

UzIPA posted on the Investment Portal two investment proposals in the field of tourism planned for implementation in the Republic of Karakalpakstan: the creation of a tourist complex on Akchakul Lake and a special ecotourism complex on Sudochye Lake with bird observation points creation (popularization of bird watching).

The projects are aimed at revealing the potential opportunities of the Republic of Karakalpakstan for a wide range of investors, stimulating economic growth and providing employment, popularizing the region as a new tourist destination, as well as in order to maintain ecological balance and preserve unique biodiversity.

The initiator of the creation of the complex on Lake Akchakul is the Administration of Ellikkalinsky district, and the investment project on Lake Sudochye is initiated by “Muynak Akva Sanoat” State Unitary Enterprise together with the Administration of the Muynak region.

According to the investment project, it is planned to build a hotel complex and yurts, a beach recreation area, parks and restaurants, organization of water attractions (water scooters, catamarans, yachts, boats, water trampolines) and a sports complex (beach soccer, volleyball, tennis and bike rental).

Complex territory, planned for sale, is about 5 hectares. Complex will serve up to 50-60 thousand people a year. The total project cost is estimated at $2 million, including construction and installation works, the purchase of necessary equipment and other expenses. The projected payback period of the project is from 4-5 years. Detailed information on the investment proposal is available here.

To implement the project on the shores of Lake Sudochye in the Muynak district, it is necessary to attract $70 thousand, while the total cost of the project is $83 thousand, where the rest of the costs are borne by the project initiators. As part of the investment proposal, it is planned to create places for overnight and catering, the purchase of vehicles and the installation of mini solar power. The construction of the necessary infrastructure will take about 3 months from the moment of attracting the full amount of investment. It is planned that the project will allow serving from 9-10 thousand tourists a year.

It should be noted that the system of Sudochye lakes is located on the West Asian migration flow of many species of migratory birds. In recent years, ornithologists have been observing a unique sight: the arrival of large colonies of pink flamingos for the purpose of nesting in the lake. At present, the Sudochye ornithological reserve has been created on the territory of the reservoir.

Detailed information on the investment proposal is available here.