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Roadmap of Measures on Stimulation of Economic Development, Promotion of Effective Governance and International Cooperation is approved

The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. R-5679 dated July 24, 2021, approved a Roadmap of measures on stimulation of economic development, improve the efficiency of public governance and international cooperation.

The document envisages the implementation of specific measures to develop a medium-term programme of economic reforms, mechanisms for their implementation, enhancement of the public governance quality, advancement of the internal communication and interaction systems between the State and the citizens, as well as promotion of Uzbekistan’s image in the international arena.

In particular, the Roadmap includes such measures as the creation of a national development strategy for 2022-2026, a financial and capital market development strategy, an industrial policy taking into account advantages and specifics of the development of different sectors and regions, reformation of the agricultural sector, privatizaton of state-owned enterprises, development of public-private partnerships, facilitation of SMEs activities in the post-Covid period, enhancement of the legal system and improvement of the investment climate, increasing capacity and qualification of public servants and other activities.

These activities will be implemented by the relevant ministries and agencies in close cooperation with the Strategic Development Agency and Sir Suma Chakrabarti, Advisor to the President of Uzbekistan on Economic Development, Effective Governance and International Cooperation.

The successful implementation of these reforms will substantially increase the country’s investment attractiveness, make full use of its industrial potential, and lay a foundation for Uzbekistan’s sustainable economic development.